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Joakim Sande

Fick svar från “Pud237” på alfaowner.

 Han svarade mig såhär:

Originally Posted by sande

I understand that you make and sell unicorse replica exhausts?
Im verry intrested in a tailbox for my 156 2.5 V6 Sportwagon.

And if you could tell me the price inc. postage to Sweden



Hi Sande

Yes I deal with those exhaust systems. Just asking, do you still have
the original rear bumper fitted to your car or do you have something
else, like a bodykit or Zender rear bumper spoiler? Because if required
we can make the tailpipes longer to suit a different bumper

The cost for a complete cat-back exhaust system is £575. Please note we
didn’t design our backbox to fit on the original centre section exactly.
Taking the two pieces together, fitment and quality is perfect and the
sound especially on the 2.5 is very very nice, if anything a little
nicer than the GTA. I could ship to Sweden for around £30, I would need
to check your postcode because some postcode areas in Sweden are more
expensive but £30 is typical for Malmo, Stockholm and the other bigger


Så istället för att lägga 3K svenska riksdaler på ett ragazzon. Så känns det ju mer värt att lägga det dubbla och få ett unicorse… dock utan likalångarör-varianten för det där lilla extra. Ändå lätt värt det.

Eller vad säger ni?