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Nihat Dizdar

    Lite mer detaljer angående anledningen till försening i Australiensk press……..verkar inte allt för enkelt uppdrag utan att försaka performance.

    The publication’s sources said that Alfa had delayed the car to refine its safety and ride characteristics. Our independent sources confirmed Alfa’s all-new rear- and all-wheel drive modular architecture was causing problems, with the brand’s engineers struggling to strike a balance between the search for BMW-beating grip and the ride quality expected in most countries.

    “It’s as hard as a rock and too nervous and the US guys, in particular, have given them a lot of pushback on it,” an engineering source explained.

    “Even when they posted their lap time on the Nürburgring, the car was very nervous and that was on cut racing slicks and more than 100kg lighter than the production version,” he said.


    Nihat Dizdar