Alfa satsar på säkerhet i och med nya Giulia!!!

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Forum Allmänt Alfa satsar på säkerhet i och med nya Giulia!!!

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    Nihat Dizdar

      Intressant info om “brake by wire” systemet som Alfa tydligen skall erbjuda på nya Giulia. Marchione har ju sagt att bilen silen skall inte lämna någon oberörd vare sig det gäller design eller teknik. Nu blir det alltså ren F1 teknik. Har även läst bloggkommentarer om att det kommer att finnas elektrisk tillskottsenergi i bilen, troligtvis i form av bromsregenerering.

      Översatt i Googletranslate;
      The new sedan ‘Alfa’ do not leave anything to chance, especially for security
      Only 15 days and then the new “bolide” branded Alfa Romeo will be officially unveiled to the world. As a beautiful model waiting for many months that makes its debut on the catwalks leaving everyone speechless. Here, the example is flawless, considering the importance of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, that the sedan “Alfa” that is putting fear competition. A little over two weeks after the fateful date, thus, continue to chase rumors and news that, in a sense, are “discovering” floor-plan, the characteristics of the Italian car.
      This time, the rumors affect the braking system of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which could make use of an innovation that will please all fans. In fact, according to what is collected from the Facebook page “Alfa Romeo 952 Project”, very informed about the world of the automobile, the “Julia” could count on the braking system “brake” by wire. In the details, we know that the production of the license plate should be Brembo (the world leader and acknowledged innovator of the brake disc) with adjoining origin Ferrari license plate. The new technique, if we can call it, will serve for the electronic control of the brake balance and would be for the version “Quadrifoglio Verde”, although this last detail is to be seen. In fact, it could be available as an option for the less powerful engines.
      Waiting for official news, we see how the braking system “brake” by wire, already used in Formula 1. In summary, whenever there is a braking, the control unit existing immediately understand the need to take action on the driver’s pedal brake and the level of recycled energy. Therefore, more safeguard for those who will get to drive the magnificent car.


      Nihat Dizdar

      Kenneth Larsson

        And much cheeper to produce!

        Ingen pratar om att det blir billigare att bygga bilen

        + att du inte kan byta bromsbelägg utan servicedator som kan få kolvarna att gå tillbaka i calipern!

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