Importing a gt junior! advices?

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    Giulio Corona

      Hello Alfisti! 

      I’m new around here and I’m about to import a gt junior 1300. The car has passed technical tests and is road legal in continental europe. Anything I should be aware of for the swedish technical inspection? Maybe there’s a specific issue with the car that is ok in the EU but not in Sweden? 

      Any advice is much appreciated, take care people


      Sune Karlsson

        If the car is currently registered in the EU things should be relatively straightforward.

        There  are essentially three steps.

        1. Verifying the origin of the car (Ursprungskontroll), that it is not reported as stolen and such like. For this you need the proper documents from the country where the car is (was) registered.
        2. Verifying the identity of the car (Registreringsbesiktning). Essentially a check that the chassis number is correct, this is also when the physical characteristics of the car (weigth, dimensions, tyre size, number of passengers etc) gets entered in the vehicle registry. Also the model name gets entered at this stage. It is worth checking what they plan on putting in the data base.
        3. Road worthiness inspection (Kontrollbesiktning). This is when they check that the car fulfills the legal requirements. It is difficult to say which issues you might run into here. It depends on the vehicle year and the legislation in the two countries at that time. Three point seat belts in the front is required from 1970 (missing in the 1970 car I imported from Italy) and in the back from 1971 (if you intend to register the car for more than 1 passenger).

        The whole process is described in detail at…skontroll/

        Går det så går det...

        Giulio Corona

          Hello! For some reasons I could not thank you for your message earlier than today!

          Indeed the only thing I have to do to pass the Registreringsbesiktning I have to put seatbelts in the back. So annoying.
          I’m in touch with the mechanic at Alfa-Motor in Stockholm, here ->
          Do you know them?

          Thanks for being so kind to link all to me, it was very helpful!



          Sune Karlsson

            I am sure AMK would do a good job.

            Går det så går det...

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