Inadequate support for my Alfa Stelvio

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    I’m living in Skåne for 3 years. In May I bought a Stelvio First Edition, red colour. I’ve now driven for 15000 km and it’s a great car.
    Unfortunately, the level of the assistance from Alfa Romeo in Sweden is very low.
    On 17th March the car stopped to work because of engine failure, I had to call the assistance service, they brought my car to the Alfa Romeo workstation in Malmö where my car disappeared for 4 days!!! I thought that it was stolen!!! After 4 days they called: finally they found the car. Isn’t it weird?
    Moreover, two months ago I contacted Alfa Romeo to change the external right mirror, which sometimes doesn’t open: I’m still waiting for the new mirror. Same story for the condense problem in the rear left light (see picture): they said that they will change it… still waiting!
    Any suggestions about how to proceed?
    Many thanks!

    Nihat Dizdar

      Hi Matteo,
      It’s really sad to hear your stor but unfortunately nothing unique for Alfa service. I have several friends with similar experience from VW group as well as BMW as an example.
      I would recommend you to ask to talk to the top manager in charge of the service unit and ask minimum for a written time plan for having it fixed. If not solved then escalate it to FCA Sweden Customer service.

      Nihat Dizdar


      Thanks Nihat!
      I wrote to several times in the last months. I received polite replies but the problems haven’t been solved. I had a look at the Italian Alfa Romeo forum: it seems that they’re much more efficient to take care of these issues. I’ll inform Alfa Romeo in Italy on how things are going on here in Sweden. I start to understand why so many people buy Volvo

      Nihat Dizdar

        I assume your car is under warranty period so It doesn’t matter which service station you are using. Just choose another one with a better reputated service around Skåne. I’m sure members in this forum can rekommend good Alda service stations in Skåne. Me my self lives in northern Skåne and I serve my new Giulia at Hedin Bil in Halmstad. Alternative would be Holmgrens bil in Helsingborg where my brother gives servis to his Giulia.
        All warranty issues worked well so far at both places.
        Delays so far has been caused by FCA Italy according to FCA Sweden. That’s concerning software updates.

        Nihat Dizdar


        Glad to read that you had better luck! You mentioned one of the service stations where the problems in my car were not properly handled: I’ll try the other one, though it will be a longer trip for me. I’ll inform guys in Arese that here in Sweden they say that it’s their fault, let’s see if they agree with this version
        However I think that a Premium brand as Alfa Romeo should provide a better service, taking care of its customers without letting us travelling around Sweden to find a decent service station.

        Rickard Bergh

          if u have alredy have gone to hedin in malmö and they are started a case abouth urs car u dont cant go to another place, they have orderd parts that need to been change, it could be that it is in rest and not deliver can be doné before the part is back in storehouse in germany where it is and they are delivery to norden countrys and north of europe. u need to go in at and open a case thene it is going to right person in fca, if u only write a mail to them is will not work in the right way. i now that becurse i have worked in auktorised workshop in alots of time, last one was hedinbil i lund.

          Alfa specialisten / Key Account Manager för Hella Gutmann Solutions- Sweden

          Gustav Holmdahl

            Chose another station. Your problem is related to bad service, not a bad car. I use Auto Lounge in Kungsbacka and is very pleased with the service I get. No discussions with warranty issues. Some parts they have to order from Italy, but they often come to Sweden in a couple of days.

            Giulia 20 Super


            Today they called me from Alfa Romeo: I have to go to Helsinborg to get the new external right mirror and to Malmö to change the rear left light… not very convenient to waste two more days for these reparations

            Rickard Bergh

              have o gone to the two workshops ? if u done that it is becurse this u need to get to both places, i told u that have u started a case in one workshop then u need to finish it there. u cant start in one place and then go to another and let they fix it becurs u don´t like the time it take to get part or what ever it is.

              if u only get to malmö i dont see way they dont could fix everything, why they told u go to helsingborg ?

              Alfa specialisten / Key Account Manager för Hella Gutmann Solutions- Sweden


              Hej guys,
              I see that some of you mentioned positive experience with Alfa Romeo station in Skåne. Is anyone willing to help me out? Maybe it’s easier if they talk with someone who is Swedish. The reg. number is TXS956, it’s a Stelvio First Edition. The guy at Malmö station said that that they can’t send the light to Helsinborg, and that he can’t ask the people in Helsingborg to send the mirror to Malmö, so I must go to both places. I know that it sounds crazy! However, I called Alfa Romeo customer care (I spoke with Karin) and they confirmed that I have to go to both Malmö and Helsingborg! Any constructive suggestions?

              Rickard Bergh

                u have get to 2 diffrent workshops.
                1. HOLMGRENS BIL I SMÅLAND AB in Helsingborg
                2. HEDIN STOCKHOLM BIL AB In Malmö

                of that reason it is in that way now. the company have to bye the part from the sending company.
                they have payed the part from fca when they order it. and of that reason they dont could send it to helsingborg or malmö. the have to bye the part from that one who order it.
                u need to go to 2 places.
                like the alfa romeo in sweden told u.

                Alfa specialisten / Key Account Manager för Hella Gutmann Solutions- Sweden

                Ayhan Dizdar

                  I have to object to this type of lousy service mindness from both Hedins and Holmgrens. If they had any sense of service mindness either of them could have offered the customer (Matteo) to solve this. They could have bought the ordered part from the other dealer and then carried that extra cost until they get it back from the customer when the total service was done. They could even charge a bit extra for the transport and admin. The pay back would have been a happy and satisfied customer that knows where to continue the relationship regarding a reliable service provider for his Alfa Romeo. I can’t understand such a shortminded bean counting attitude. Have they never heard the motto “Cusomer focus”, or do they not understand what it means?

                  Ayhan Spider 2000 Veloce -77 / GTV6-2,5 -86 / Stelvio Veloce Black Edition 2,0-280hk -2019

                  Rickard Bergh

                    It dont works in that way, let me tell u a exampel. hedin will bye that from holmgrens and they need to pay full price maby get 5 % of , that is the reason to it is in this way. it is easy to think in that way u write, it should be the best thing to do. When we talk abouth waranty payment from fca , some time it is make checks and controlls and they need to send in the copy of the order they have on the part, if they dont cant show it that mean it need to orders from fca not another company, the payment is not accepted and the company need to take the parts price and only get payd to the work they have when the part it changed, in this way the custumer have waranty dont want to pay the part when it bee in that way, the company make it totaly right that don bay part from annother company.
                    So he need to get in two places and fix his car becurse he go to each of the company and start a waranty case.

                    Alfa specialisten / Key Account Manager för Hella Gutmann Solutions- Sweden


                    Thanks Ayhan!
                    I see that I’m not the only to think that a decent level of care for the customer should be provided. Either from local FCA stations or from international customer care… it’s not up to the customer to find out how/who should manage these inconveniences in a few month old premium car.

                    In my case, the list has included so far:
                    1) broken infotainment (which has been replaced in May 2017)
                    2) (temporary) reparation of the petrol closing cap (March 2018)
                    3) motor fail (March 2018)
                    4) condense in the rear left light (still to be changed)
                    5) malfunctioning of the right mirror (still to be fixed)
                    Why shouldn’t FCA take care of all this? Why always me wasting time and money on so many issues? Am I expecting too much from FCA?


                    So let me get this straight, Did you call Alfa romeo or a specific service station when you contacted them about your mirror and rear light?

                    I mean if you go to an authorized Alfa romeo dealer with warranty issues, and they send you to another station because they dont have the part they are suppose to replace? I dont get it.
                    Please explain further how this came about because it sounds insane to me and i would never let them get away with that shit. If i bought a brand new car and things break under warranty, all issues should be resolved by the authorized dealer. Not forcing the customer to switch stations.

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