Inadequate support for my Alfa Stelvio

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    Rickard Bergh

    the problem is that he have gone to 2 diffrent authorized dealer. one in malmö and another one in helsingborg.
    of that reason it is in this way. no dealer send him to another one if they dont have part home , they order the part to the car.
    fca make it realy right. he need to go 2 places becurse he start 2 diffrent case in 2 diffrent company.

    Alfa specialisten / Key Account Manager för Hella Gutmann Solutions- Sweden


    Rickard, you seem to be extremely, extremely comprehensive and kind towards Alfa Romeo… I hope that the reason is that you had a better experience than me.
    Thanks to those of you who dared to reply expressing some concern for Alfa support.

    I’ll try to summarise in a more clear way.
    It’s not my fault if both Holmgrens in Helsingborg and Hedin in Malmö dealers have been involved.
    In February I contacted Holmgrens in Helsingborg (where I bought the car in May 2017) to schedule the first service (15000 km) and also to have the right mirror repaired. Before to go Helsingborg, I contacted Alfa Romeo customer care and they confirmed that there was a campaign for my Stelvio to solve this issue with the malfunctioning mirror. Though informed by me two weeks before the service, Holmgrens in Helsingborg did not fix my mirror when my car was there in the beginning of March for the service. They agreed that the needed to order the new part for the mirror and said that there were going to send an email to schedule a new appointment: so far, zero emails from them!
    Then on 17th March I was driving in Lund and the car had a motor failure. I called the Alfa customer care and the SOS service picked my car and transported to Hedin in Malmö, which was the closest location. I payed a taxi with my own money to go home with my kids. Two days later I called Hedin in Malmö and they knew nothing about my car! They said that my car was not there. I thought that my Stelvio was stolen. Before to call the police, I contacted again Alfa customer care and they asked me to wait because it was too strange that my car has disappeared. Finally on 20th March I was informed that my car was actually at Hedin in Malmö! They send a message to me to apologise for this “inconvenience”. Since the car was going to stay at Hedin for several days to repair this motor failure, I asked them to change the rear left light. They agreed that the light needed to be changed. However, after few days they called me to say that the motor failure was fixed, but that the rear left right wasn’t available yet. I asked them if I could keep the rental car for more than 4 days (without paying extra) and to leave the Stelvio there till the light was changed. They replied that this was not possible. So I had to take my Stelvio back with the malfunctioning light. After three weeks it was again me to contact Alfa customer care to ask about both the mirror to be changed and the light to be changed. Their reply was that I had to go to Malmö for the light and to Helsingborg for the mirror. They apologised for these delays and they explained that this was in part due to the fact the head of the dealer in Malmö has changed work… I called again Hedin in Malmö and they confirmed the version that I need to go one day to Malmö and one day in Helsingborg. This is the most practical solution for Alfa, as some people have commented in this forum, showing great understanding for Alfa perspectives. Definitely it’s not fair to me, also considering the long list of issues which I already experienced with this car, as I summarised in my last message. And after more than two months I’m still waiting for the email from Holmgrens in Helsingborg to know about the mirrors.
    So it’s not my fault if my car’s problems have been handled in two different places.

    The registration number of my car is TXS956 and everyone can easily find my phone number: please do not hesitate to contact me if my case is still unclear or if you have constructive suggestions.
    Many thanks!

    Tor Ljunggren

    I feel very sorry for you having these problems, it really drain your energy. I’m surprised FCA cannot handle this in smoothe way – creating some goodwill. Maybe one solution would be to cancel the order for the light and make a new claim for this at the dealer you bought the car.

    Tor Ljunggren Arvika

    Peter Andersson

    I really feel for you. Working myself with customer care this is an example of how it shouldn’t work!
    It doesn’t make me into buying a new Alfa. Hope everything works out in the end.

    Rickard Bergh

    u can call me tomorrow and i will explain to u how u can do.
    i will be in my work and office abouth kl 8



    Alfa specialisten / Key Account Manager för Hella Gutmann Solutions- Sweden


    Thanks Tor, Peter and Rickard for your comments.
    Rickard, I’ll call you tomorrow, thanks! After that, I’ll see if to try Tor’s suggestion (to cancel the order and then make a new one).

    Rickard Bergh

    call me first beforde u contact some of the company.
    i will tell u what maby they till tell u and im thing to 99.99% they told u that it could dont cancel order but it is could do
    if it is in a special status in order program.

    Alfa specialisten / Key Account Manager för Hella Gutmann Solutions- Sweden


    Thanks Rickard for the phone talk this morning. I contacted again Alfa customer care: it’s still unclear if they will support me somehow.

    Rickard Bergh

    the same i say. nice to talk to u and could explain how it works and i realy hope that it are get god.

    Alfa specialisten / Key Account Manager för Hella Gutmann Solutions- Sweden

    Jonas Rudberg

    I think it is a big mistake to buy a new Alfa when You live in Sweden.All Alfa firms will regard You as a big fool with a lot of money.I really feel sorry for You.
    Try to sell Your car and buy another make.
    Kind Regards

    Claes Johnsen

    If you buy a new expensive Alfa in Sweden, try to get about 25% discount.
    That will help a bit regarding upcoming problems.

    The lack of “auktoriserade” service-maintenance stations is of big concern.

    Need to take days free from work when going to have service etc.


    Hi Jonas and Claes, thanks for your suggestions! Indeed, in the future I’ll negotiate a large discount. I don’t feel like to sell the Stelvio, which is very pleasant to drive. So if the Stelvio will need again assistance, I hope that this will happen when I’m abroad on holiday, where it’s more likely that I’ll get a decent customer care.


    Strange advice not to buy an Alfa Romeo in an Alfa Romeo forum? i smell a BMW rat.

    The word you are looking for is authorized dealer. Claes.
    Also 25% discount. How are you gonna motivate that? Poor dealership network and upcoming problems? You reckon that works with every non mainstream brand in Sweden? Sounds like wish thinking to me.

    No, We need to buy more brand new Alfas to create a market for a larger network of authorized dealers.

    Alberto Ferrante

    As I wrote many times before, FCA had a such mission impossible when they decide to establish again a market for their brands 2010.
    A lot of years whitout any really presence in Sweden had a too big impact.
    The only way to achive this was to invest a lot of time and money without expectations of profit during the first 3-5 years. Unfortunatelly this branch since many years does not permit this kind of marketing policy and strategy, not for FCA.
    Other manufacturers (Kia, Hyundai, VW, etc.) had good profits in other big countries and could use a part of that to invest in Sweden (a little market).
    FCA had not this possibility, when they invested in USA they promised both their Unions and politicians to prioritize the local brands and this has influenced FCAs strategies during many years.
    They tried to expand again in the north of europe but I believe they soon realized it was impossible.
    Other brands have expanded enormously and are very good at preventing others from coming back, the competition is tough.
    The choise has changed the target and it is now to have Alfa Romeo as a brand for a well difined customer group and not in all countries, the model program is a clear and one of indications fot that.
    If you want to buy an Alfa Romeo with really Alfa performances the range of prices is at a high level and a lot of people need to find an “added value” (on demand and fast service, presence near I live, long time warranty, etc) in the deal, something that Alfa can not delivery at this moment.
    FCA is reducing the presence in the middle and north of Sweden, next year it shall be impossible to buy or make warranty service on our cars in Dalarna, Gävleborg etc.
    All this is valid not only for the swedish market.
    Them of us who buy an alfa Romeo do not base the choise on normal criteria.
    We buy an Alfat because we love the brand, we are romantic, we extimate other characteristics for a car, we accept to be sad and disappointed if something happens, we accept to travel 200 km for a service and take a “vacation” to drive där, we don’t like to be a “medel Svensson”….we are simply different, may be not smart but different.
    I don’t kwow how long time I can live and feel so, may be I’ll give up and in the future I’ll drive a Plug-in Kia or a Nissan Leaf or a BMW.
    Just now my Giulietta is in Avesta for a warranty issue and I live in Falun. Next year it can be Uppsala if I need help.
    Nice to have a reason some times to visit an other town but it should be better if I can leave/pick up my car on a saturday. It should be a way to meet some of the customer requirements.
    Forza Alfa!


    Nihat Dizdar

    Sorry guys, but I really don’t know what you are talking about.
    I bought a new Giulia Super 200hp Q2 in 2017 and got it delivered 1,5 week before planned date.
    I have passed 35000km which means I have had it in for 2 service occasions according to plan with perfect handling.
    I planned my service occasions to also handle some warranty issues, just to be more efficient. The service station has borrowed me a car for free in both occations. The last time they let me borrow a demo Stelvio.
    I live approx 100km from the dealer and service station.
    For me they have really been service minded with customer focus so I’m really pleased.

    Please ask your friends/collegues with other brand and listen to them if everything is or has been perfekt!
    I can just refer to my colleges at work and they like to tease me for my car choice an passion. BUT now it’s me who’s teasing them…
    1. VW Passat awd 2014
    – problem with noice in transmission,
    – rust on rear boot lid
    – clear lacquer falls off on front plastic bumper
    – plastic covers for light washer fell off 2 times
    – instant discussion with service station on costs, performance and waiting time

    2. Volvo v60 D4 2017
    – Poor service
    – high fuel consumption
    – …

    3. Volvo XC90 2017
    – I don’t have enough space to write all issues

    4. BMW 320d +performance pack 2014
    – several issues, mainly with handling and drive performance, ended up with my college changed it to a Giulia Veloce 2017

    I can continue with more cases and I can assure you that other brands also have problems every now and then.

    My Giulia is the best car I owned so far. Prior to the Giulia I owned a XC60 and a BMW 2.0d GT.

    Enjoy you great Stelvio and hope things will become better with the service issues.

    Nihat Dizdar

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