Inadequate support for my Alfa Stelvio

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    Alberto Ferrante

    That I say is not against Alfa Romeo.
    I only note objektive facts.
    The Alfa Romeo dealer and service network works good but we can not disclaim that the network is not so diffused as many other brands.
    It does not make Alfa so attractive for new customers.
    100 km may be is nothing for some people but very much for most of the customers. For a person who live in Dalarna it is about 200 km or more to Uppsala.
    It means one or two days free from the jobb. If the use is more then 15000 km/year it needs twice every year.
    I do not assert that Alfa Romeo strategy is wrong, it is a consequence of a situation that is almost impossible to change. I understand it and I accept it.
    In this situation it is obvious to limit and specialize the business, fewer but satisfied customers in fewer places.
    May be after som years of consolidated profit it can be possible to expand the network and increase the number of customers.
    About the quality problem that other brands have I agrre with you, but……as italian I do not understand why a lot of swedish people find it difficult to be critical against the german brands, it is a such subjection that does not make it easy to acknowledge the problems.



    Grazie Alberto. I agree with your comments. I chose Stelvio with the heart, accepting the potential risk of some inconveniences. My mistake has been to expect to Alfa could provide a proper customer care in Sweden as in other countries where they sell many more Alfas. Also, that they could show some understanding and compensation for the long list of troubles which I experienced in few months.
    I’ll still enjoy driving Stelvio, though I’m disappointed with the poor assistance and competence in Sweden.

    Alberto Ferrante

    Di nulla Matteo!
    The people has no time for small troubles, the life is to short for spending time for them. This is what people think.
    Almost people are not like us, they are not interessed about performances, they only “use” the car and they want the car starts every day and every time they turn the key……if not they want to call a number, get assistance, get a courtesy car etc without they need to re-plane their time.
    In a world of digitizing, “always connected on all ways”, fitness, full activities, etc there is not space for unnecessary trouble as to drive between several places in order to get a complete service.
    The first dealer you contacted had to solve all problems even if it means they need to transport the car to an other dealer for som issues they can not resolve.
    They could “connect” two different tickets, IT- systems should be able to do it. They could cancel one of the old and change the other adding a new item.
    It must be possible….2018!
    “One way in” or “only one contact” is the name of this customer relations model since many years.
    But…..I can not say that this is a specific Alfa Romeo problem. I hade same experience when I had to remake my bathroom……the customer (me) had to coordinate the suppliers. 🙂



    Finally, my Stelvio has been fixed: the rear light in Malmö and the mirror in Helsingborg. Both dealers (Malmö and Helsingborg) have been efficient and kind. Unfortunately, no smart solutions have been provided by the Alfa customer care.

    Rickard Bergh

    great to heare that it is finish

    Alfa specialisten / Key Account Manager för Hella Gutmann Solutions- Sweden

Visar 5 inlägg - 31 till 35 (av 35 totalt)
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