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    Hello, Im new here, I just move from Prague to Stockholm and I own 2x AR (156 SW 2,4 JTDm and 147 1,6TS), In Czech Republic I have my own serviceman, man who understand italian cars, and my question is (maybe in forum already exist answer, but I just start learn swedish) : Where in Stockholm I can find good service, don’t need to be official, but I’m looking for place where they are looking at Italians cars with love. Nothing is broken, or need to be repair just now, but i need this just in case. Thank you alfisti for help…



    reliable and experienced. Situated Östermalm/Gärdet Sockholm

    Classe. (Oo=V=oO) 1600 GTj 1300 GTj

    #12556   Both very reliable.



    Thank you, I will need soon change rear brakes to AR156 , so I will try one of them. I hope isn’t problem to bring my own parts, cuz I’m using EBC Brakes (discs and pads too).


    Just adding another vote for Powercar, have always been my first choice. But AR Bil are probably just as good, so I guess it you can choose the nearest of them. Powercar is in the south of Stockholm, AR Bil in the north.

Visar 5 inlägg - 1 till 5 (av 5 totalt)
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